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Portable Multiple Frequency Harmonic Comb Generator Eases EMC –Cable Testing – Power Integrity, a leader in high resolution test and measurement equipment, has released a new test signal generator for EMI testing applications. The USB Harmonic Comb Injector, the latest edition to Picotest’s popular line of Signal Injectors, is a fast, easy-to-use, ultra-portable harmonic comb signal generator for interrogating your Power Distribution Networks (‘PDN’) to identify noise sensitivities. A comb signal generator is simply a device that produces a set of harmonically related CW signals whose spacing is based on a fundamental oscillator frequency. Other applications include a general purpose EMC source for characterizing semi-anechoic chambers (for measurement consistency day-to-day, and comparing one chamber to another) and as a source for testing cable resonances and for finding cable breaks or loose connectors.

The comb injector includes impulse & square wave outputs and has multiple modes of operation including time and frequency jitter. It is designed for power supply and clock EMI spectrum testing and has a usable frequency range of 1kHz to 1.5GHz with edges as fast as 300ps. The comb injector is USB powered with a single SMA output connector. No external power supply is necessary.

There are 5 modes of operation available including 1kHz impulse, 100kHz impulse, and 8MHz impulse output, each with frequency and pulse width dithering, a stepped mode that continuously steps between the three impulse modes and a 1kHz square wave output mode that is convenient for step load testing. Modes are changed via a convenient pushbutton on the injector key with a color LED indication of the active mode.

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A Dash of Maxwell’s: A Maxwell’s Equations Primer – Part One

Solving Maxwell’s Equations for real-life situations, like predicting the RF emissions from a cell tower, requires more mathematical horsepower than any individual mind can muster. These equations don’t give the scientist or engineer just insight, they are literally the answer to everything RF.

“The Picotest Harmonic Comb Injector is different from standard signal generators”, explains Kenneth Wyatt, EMI test expertpicotest. The ability to adjust the comb frequency from kHz to MHz is especially useful, eliminating the need to purchase multiple fixed frequency comb generators. “For example, I would use the lower frequency combs to determine structure or cable resonance in order to achieve the best resolution, but the 8 MHz combs for test chamber validation where such fine detail is not as important. Combined with a small monopole antenna and USB battery-powered voltage source, this is one tool that every EMC test lab should own to help validate their chamber measurements.”

“The portability of this EMI injector is an advantage over current competitive solutions. The variable frequency comb is tremendously useful accessory to the Keysight E5052B and N9020A, Tektronix RSA5106A and RSA306, R&S FSW, FSMR and FSUP and virtually all oscilloscopes” says Steve Sandler, CEO of Picotest. “With it I can conveniently test Power Integrity and various EMI performance characteristics without having to carry around an AWG.”

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