Pilot Environment for Industrial Internet and 5G Technology to be Built in Finland

InternetResearchers in Finland are planning to build a technology and pilot environment where businesses and scientists will be able to develop new industrial internet solutions. It will be the first location in the world to combine the core technologies of the industrial internet and 5G telecommunications solutions in an interoperable environment.

Participants will be able to use the new environment as a service and product development platform where they can develop innovative services and products enabled by the industrial internet. A research and technology company called VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland will be responsible for intelligent environments for the industrial internet of properties and electronic pilot production, as well as the 5G solutions needed for telecommunications in the industrial internet. The University of Oulu will be responsible for the further development of the 3D printing processes of its Fab Lab with the help of industrial robotics and sensors.

Source: VTT

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