Photo Etching Specialty Stainless Steels

photo etchingTech-Etch manufactures precision thin metal parts from specialty stainless steel alloys like MP35N used in implanted medical devices, Elgiloy® used in replacement heart valves, as well as 716 and 420 alloys used for surgical blades. Tech-Etch uses the photo etching process to produce component parts for industrial, aerospace, and medical applications. Other etched materials include Inconel®, Hastelloy®, titanium, niobium, nitinol and magnesium, which is gaining interest as a bioresorbable surgical implant material. Parts range in thickness from .0005″ and up.

While providing quick turnaround and low tooling costs, photo etching produces burr-free parts with intricate and complex shapes. Designs can be proved in preproduction quantities without having to commit to expensive tooling. Forming, heat treating, plating, laminating and assembly are available in house. For more information, download a copy of their Precision Engineered Parts Capabilities Brochure.


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