Phone Maker Pays $100k to Resolve Charges of Excessive SAR Emissions

A mobile phone company has agreed to pay a civil penalty of $130,000 to settle charges that it illegally marketed a mobile phone model whose radio frequency (RF) radiation emissions exceeded federally mandated specific absorption limits (SAR).

According to an Order published earlier this month by the Enforcement Bureau of the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the GRAND MAX model mobile phone marketed in the U.S. by BLU Products exceeded the SARs limit established by the Commission. The company also failed to comply with the labeling, user manual and permissive change requirements of the FCC’s equipment authorization rules in connection with the marketing of GRAND MAX model phones.

Excessive RF radiation emissions have been determined to pose potential health risks to users in close proximity to the emanating device. In addition, devices with excessive emissions can also cause harmful interference to authorized communications.

The complete text of the FCC’s Order in connection with BLU Products is available at

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