Pasternack Expands Family of SMP and Mini SMP Connectors

Pasternack Enterprises, Inc. has expanded inventory of SMP and mini SMP connectors, specially designed for many wireless and military applications including high density interconnect modules, radar equipment, wireless base stations and medical lab equipment.

Pasternack’s new SMP and mini-SMP (also referred to as SMPM) connectors are miniaturized push-on interconnects commonly used in high density, blind-mate systems that can operate up to 65 GHz. Standard SMP connectors are offered in a high frequency 40 GHz version as well as a low frequency 8 GHz version, while the mini SMP connectors will operate up to 65 GHz. This product release from Pasternack includes over 100 unique connectors in eight different SMP connector configurations including coaxial SMPs, PCB mounted SMPs, non-sealed and hermetically sealed SMP terminals, SMP shrouds, coaxial mini SMPs, PCB mounted mini SMPs, and hermetically sealed mini SMP connectors.

Many of Pasternack’s SMP and mini SMP connectors are in smooth bore, limited detent and full detent versions. These SMP connector designs allow for varying degrees of mating engagement force and de-mating disengagement force. Full detent is useful when a positive lock and retention is needed under demanding environmental conditions. Limited detent and smooth bore SMP and SMPM connector versions help when many mates and de-mates are required. They reduce the risk of damage to circuit boards by decreasing the amount of force required when mating and de-mating a connector pair. These SMP and mini-SMP connectors are fully compatible and mate-able with Corning Gilbert® GPO™ and GPPO™ connectors.

The new SMP and mini SMP connectors from Pasternack are in-stock and available now. You can browse the entire offering by visiting