Panashield Selected as North American Partner for Dutch Microwave Absorber Solutions (DMAS)

Dutch Microwave Absorber Solutions (DMAS) has announced that Panashield has been selected as its North American Partner for exclusive distributor of their high quality absorbers products in the USA, Canada and Mexico.

Panashield provides facility solutions for global EMC by creating controlled electromagnetic environments necessary for testing electronic devices. DMAS products include high performance polystyrene microwave absorbers suited for (semi) anechoic chambers.

Peggy Girard, Panashield’s President, said about the collaboration: “Panashield is committed to providing its clients with expertise reflecting current developments and specifications in the global electromagnetic compliance industry. This commitment includes responsiveness to our client’s needs with the highest quality products and services available in the industry. DMAS clearly has the most outstanding, high quality absorber on the international EMC market today, and Panashield is honored to be able to include this product in our offering”. Bas de Groot, DMAS’s Director says: “We are proud to have the opportunity to work with Panashield. I’m convinced that the synergy between both companies can make the difference for our customers. We thank Panashield for putting their trust in our company and we look forward to future projects.”

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