Our Tax Dollars at Work

The FCC’s new office of Economics and Analytics (OEA) has released its first Working Paper that makes the case for stronger, more-centralized economic research and analysis at the FCC and other federal agencies and regulatory bodies.

The Working Paper, entitled “The Organization of Economists in Regulatory Agencies: Does Structure Matter?”, is reportedly based on a working group report that led to the creation of the OEA late last year. In brief, the Working Paper argues that, when economists are structurally consolidated into a single unit, they “can provide more independent and higher quality economic analysis within regulatory agencies.”

The Working Paper has already received strong praise from FCC Chair Ajit Pai, who has been an advocate for improved economic analysis as an essential element of policy development. “This Working Paper provides data, analysis and insights that will strengthen the FCC’s ability to make effective use of OEA economists and analysts,” noted Pai in a Commission press release announcing the Working Paper. “Its release also represents an important and concrete step toward building a culture of open inquiry and big-thinking among the agency’s terrific staff.”

The complete text of the OEA’s Working Paper is available at https://docs.fcc.gov/public/attachments/DOC-356879A1.pdf.

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