Ohmite Manufacturing Announces MC4 Series

Ohmite Manufacturing has announced their new MC4 Series — a multi-configuration single surface mount DIP package with four high voltage (2500 VDC) resistors.

The MC4 Series offers numerous advantages, including significant cost savings versus discrete high voltage chip resistors. However, the largest benefit of the series is the design flexibility it offers. A single MC4 can be applied in multiple configurations depending on the needs of a particular circuit.

Customers may select any combination of resistor value — from 200 to 5,000 — and tolerance for all four resistors. Once the necessary specifications are selected, Ohmite will complete the design and assign a unique part number to the custom product for future access and pricing.

Parts are supplied on tape and reel for automated placement and unique, flexible S-Bend terminals provide additional solder joint integrity. This design also allows better separation between components for better airflow and cooling. For additional information about the MC4 Series, contact Ohmite or visit their website.

For more information, visit www.ohmite.com