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NSI and MI Technologies Merge to Form a Strong Leadership Position in the Area of Microwave Measurements

handshakeQuadrant Management’s Ted Deinard today announced that a final agreement has been signed to acquire MI Technologies, LLC to merge with NSI, joining the two premier microwave measurement companies into a single entity. This merger allows the companies to combine their resources to bring quality, cost effective products and systems to their customer bases.

This transaction has been approved and is complete at this time. The name of the new company is NSI-MI Technologies, LLC doing business as NSI-MI Technologies with a domain name of

A company announcement reads, “We feel that our customers will benefit from product and cost improvements that will result from this merger of the two premier microwave measurement leaders. The two companies serve both domestic and international government and commercial customers with antenna and microwave measurement products and systems. The new company will continue to supply products to the Aerospace, Defense, Wireless, Automotive, Materials and other application areas with requirements for high speed measurement systems. These two companies currently have products that can be applied to antenna, Radome and RCS (Radar Cross Section or Stealth) and other applications. Combining the technologies of the two companies will be a win for the marketplace by offering more affordable, reliable, higher speed products and systems.”

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How to Perform a Radiated Emissions Measurement

Radiated emissions testing is the measurement of the electromagnetic field of the emissions that are unintentionally being generated by the equipment under test.

With several offices worldwide, the new company will be able to better serve more customers with highly engineered products and systems. Having a larger set of technical employees also provides a platform for improved support to customers both for system design and for post-delivery support.

NSI is the leader in supplying near-field measurement system solutions to the government and industry. The Company supplies products and systems throughout the world for a wide variety of applications. They have a strong record of innovation and have advanced the state-of-the-art in this highly technical area of antenna measurement. Detailed information can be found at the NSI website:

MI Technologies, LLC is the leader in compact range and far-field measurement system solutions. The Company has a larger worldwide installed system base than all competitors that serve this market requirement. The products and systems offered for antenna, radome and RCS processing provide the highest accuracy and reliability available. Detailed information can be found at the MI Technologies website:

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