Northwest EMC Opens New Test Facility in Plano, Texas


Northwest EMC has announced the opening of its newest EMC testing facility in Plano, Texas. Drawn by the Dallas region’s rapidly growing high-tech economy (as of 2013, Texas reported the third highest number of high-tech employees in the nation with the second highest rate of high-tech employment growth in 2014) Northwest EMC quickly identified the region as a strong contender for a new EMC testing lab.

“The economic growth of Dallas and Plano in recent years was definitely exciting to us,” says Northwest EMC President Dean Ghizzone. “We were very impressed not only by the innovative new technology we were seeing come out of the region, but also by the huge opportunity we saw in building up the infrastructure that would be needed in coming years.”

For over 20 years, Northwest EMC has built its reputation by serving a growing list of medical, military, automotive, digital device and computing manufacturers, offering comprehensive testing capabilities as well as technical support and test documentation throughout the testing and approvals process.

“The new facility in Plano provides comprehensive testing run by staff who are extremely knowledgeable and experienced in test, design, and documentation,” says Ghizzone. “We understand the high-tech community, and we have the capabilities to meet those needs.”

The new 18,000 square foot EMC testing facility in Plano, Texas has a 10 meter anechoic chamber for zero ambient noise testing conditions. A full complement of immunity and wireless testing capabilities are available, along with seminars, workshops, and other Northwest EMC hosted events that focus on relevant topics like wireless and medical device testing.

Photo by rcbodden

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