Nextek Launches New DC Block SurgeGuard™ TNC to SMA Lightning Arrestor

NexTek, Inc. announced a new family of coaxial lightning arrestors designed to operate at frequencies between 2MHz and 2GHz. The SurgeGuard™ PTI-TNF-SAF is a dc-blocked gas discharge tube-type lightning arrestor with TNC to SMA connectors. This PTI series surge suppressor provides two stage protection in the most compact package available.  The first stage of protection is a Gas Discharge Tube to shunt high voltages to the grounded outer conductor/shield. The second stage is a series capacitor on the line, which significantly reduces the amount of energy that continues into the radio front end.  This approach provides industry-leading performance by reducing residual or let-through energy to be reduced to about 1% of other compact technologies.  This device is effective against Lightning and high-speed transients such as ESD.

This unit’s compact size assures maximum protection in minimum space.  The TNC-female to SMA-female form factor is targeted at small radio enclosure antenna feed-through applications, for installation on the radio chassis or bulkhead.  In a smaller form factor than any other protector of similar capability, it provides robust surge suppression and keeps harmful transient energy away from equipment and personnel.

Able to withstand harsh environmental conditions, the PTI-TNF-SAF series is both rugged and waterproof. Using nickel-over-brass construction and a gold plated center conductor, this family of arrestors meets many stringent military, commercial and environmental standards.  Additional features include: TNC to SMA connectors, DC Blocking, 10x multiple strike capability IN of 10kA (8 x 20μs) surge capability, an IP68 Rating, and an operating temperature range of -40°C to +90°C.

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