Newly Expanded Resistance Range for KOA Speer’s 2W TLRH3AW Metal Plate Chip Current Size Resistor

KOA Speer Electronics has announced that their TLRH3AW metal plate chip current sense resistor now features an extended resistance range of 10mΩ ~ 270mΩ with greater corrosion protection and higher temperature resistance up to +170°C.

Featuring metal foil technology, the TLRH3AW current sense resistor allows for a 2 Watt power rating in a 2512 package size. Performance characteristics include a TCR of ±75 ppm in 10mΩ~22mΩ, ±50ppm in 24mΩ~270mΩ, in a 1% resistance tolerance.

Used primarily for current detection, TLRH3AW current sense resistors are ideal for applications within the telecommunications and consumer electronics markets, specifically for applications such as inverters, power supplies, computing devices, tablets and motor controls.

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