New York Ban on eWaste to soon Take Effect

E-waste collection

After January 1st, New Yorkers may face fines for disposing of electronic waste with their normal trash and recycling. Residents found disposing of e-waste materials will be issued a $100 fine for each violation.

In November of 2013, the city began its preliminary collection program in partnership with Electronic Recyclers International. Communications to city residents regarding the program can be viewed in taxis and on local channels. Although the city will not provide curbside pickup of e-Waste items there are over 90 designated locations throughout the city that will allow for easy disposal of electronics.

The e-waste ban applies to nearly all electronic devices including but not limited to televisions, computers and monitors, phones, and video games. Residents will be granted a three month grace period until March of 2015 before facing fines for improper disposal.

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