New Website Easily Connects Manufacturers to Hundreds of Product Testing and Compliance Suppliers

Using its new reverse auction website for the product testing and compliance industry, provides an innovative way to connect manufactures in need of product testing services with hundreds of qualified testing partners, who can perform the compliance services necessary to enter markets around the world.

Recognizing the need for a simple, easy-to-use method for obtaining product testing quotes, recently adapted the tried-and-true reverse auction process to simplify and expedite the proposal and bidding process. The new platform connects manufacturers with testing laboratories and provides both with a new way of doing business. This process provides the best pricing for manufactures, while also offering testing laboratories an effective way to achieve increased business.

The ease of use of the auction platform lets manufactures simply sign-up for free and post a testing project for bid, specifying the maximum price they are willing to pay. Once a manufacturer places a project out for bid, the system alerts qualified testing laboratories and they are invited to bid. The manufacturer can then choose a bid from one of the qualified laboratories or cancel the auction, if the bids did not fall within the indicated maximum price.

The website offers a time savings alternative for manufacturers that are in need of product testing and certification. backs the system with more than 60 years of combined comprehensive testing and compliance expertise. In addition to the auction service, the company offers full-service compliance consulting with a staff of specialists, scientists and engineers that act as an extension to the compliance departments of Fortune 500 companies and assists small businesses who don’t have a compliance department with consulting and outsourcing services, design reviews, international compliance, EMI Field Scans and negotiating bottom line prices to help customers reach their product testing and compliance goals.

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