New Version of EN 2794-004:2014 Published

Boeing 777 ceiling switches and circuit breakers

A new version of EN 2794-004 was published by the European Committee for Standardization. EN 2794-004 applies to “Aerospace series – Circuit breakers, single-pole, temperature compensated, rated currents 20 A to 50 A – Part 004: UNC thread terminals – Product standard.” The new version is available for purchase on the CEN website.


“This European Standard specifies the characteristics of single-pole circuit breakers, temperature compensated with a rated current from 20 A to 25 A, used in aircraft on-board circuits at a temperature between – 55 °C and 125 °C and at an altitude of 15 000 m max. These circuit breakers are operated by a push-pull type single push button (actuator), with delayed action “trip-free” tripping. They will continue to function up to the short-circuit current.”

*Description from CEN website