New Touch Screen PLC Upgrade Now Available from Hipotronics

HAEFELY HIPOTRONICS has announced the new Touch Screen Controller (TS-PLC), designed to upgrade older CAC-PLC models for our 700 Series AC Dielectric Test Systems. With the new PLC control system, the operator can select Manual or Automatic control of the applied test voltage from the interface on the control panel. The output voltage rate of rise and dwell time can be preset by the user using intuitive menu options, along with the current overload trip setting. All input and output power connections are accessible from the rear of the cabinet and voltmeter and current connections are made directly to the rear of the PLC control panel.

The new color touch screen HMI shows high voltage output for easy visibility. Output current and countdown time are also displayed on the well-lit screen display. To learn more about how the TS-PLC can add value to your test setup, visit