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New Times-Protect® Data Line Surge Protectors from Times Microwave Systems

data protectorsTimes has added to its popular line of Times-Protect® surge protection devices with its new Data Line surge protection product family. Utilizing leading edge technology in its design, these three unique devices address surge protection for twisted pair cat 5e and cat 6 applications. The LP-DOE-1-G, LP-POE-1G and LP-PAE-100 have been tested against extended RFC2544 test methods using aggressive test criteria. These extremely difficult tests consist of two protection devices separated with 100 meters of Cat 5 conductors over a broad temperature range and measure the following parameters:

  • Throughput
  • Latency
  • Packet Jitter
  • Frame Loss
  • Back to Back

The RFC2544 test results for each of these outstanding devices are available for download on the Times Microwave Systems website. The RFC 2544 standard, established by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) standards body, is the de facto methodology that outlines the tests required to measure and prove performance criteria for carrier Ethernet networks.

The surge protection performance of this product family is unmatched in the industry. This product family also meets the NEBS required surge tests according to these wave-shapes:

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  • 2x10us, 1kV, 200A – 5 pulses each polarity
  • 10/360us, 1kV, 25A – 5 pulses each polarity



1000 Base-T / Indoor application with all data pin protected to chassis ground



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Power Over Ethernet, 1000 Base-T with up to 60Vdc injector. All pin pairs protected with to chassis ground.



100 Base-T with all pins protected to ground. Data pin pairs are (1-2) (3-6) and DC pin pairs are (4-5) (7-8)

About Times Microwave Systems

Times Microwave Systems has over 65 years experience in designing innovative, high-reliability, coaxial cables and assemblies for demanding interconnection problems. An engineering oriented organization, the company specializes in the design and manufacture of high performance flexible and semi-rigid coaxial cable, connectors, and cable assemblies for RF transmission from HF through microwave frequencies as well as surge arrestors for the protection of RF equipment.

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