New TDK Brochure Presents EPCOS Surge Arresters and Switching Spark Gaps

TDK brochureTDK Corporation has published a revised product profile featuring EPCOS surge arresters and switching spark gaps. In addition to technical specifications for all types, it adds new detailed information about the full line.

The 76-page brochure features:

Surge Arresters:

  • Overview of type series
  • Applications, structures, and functions
  • Definitions, measurement conditions, and notes for network applications
  • Designation system
  • 2-electrode arresters
  • 3-electrode arresters and arrester-varistor combinations
  • Protection of AC and DC power lines

Switching Spark Gaps:

  • General technical information
  • Commodity series
  • High-performance series
  • Triggered switching spark gaps

General information also covers quality, taping and packaging, mounting instructions, environmental protection, as well as cautions and warnings. This publication can be ordered or downloaded free of charge at