New Staco UPS for 10 – 40 kVA Applications

Staco Energy Products Company announced the introduction of the FirstLine® PL – a parallelable three-phase Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) for 10-40kVA applications.  These units boast efficiencies of up to 94% for lower energy costs and reduced carbon footprint, while delivering maximum availability and flexibility. 

Compact and reliable, internal batteries allow a smaller footprint, while cooler operation extends internal component life.  True on-line, double-conversion technology is achieved through IGBT and Digital Signal Processor (DSP) control, enabling delivery of a high input power factor of 0.99, and a low input current distortion of less than or equal to 1% at full load.  All units can be set for 50/60Hz frequency conversion; – 0 models can operate as a precision power conditioner which is upgradable to a UPS in the future.  SNMP and MOD-BUS communication, and paralleling circuitare all standard.  Each UPS is covered by an industry-leading 2-year warranty and backed by a nationwide service program with optional preventive maintenance to lower cost of ownership. 

The compact and reliable FirstLine® PL is ideal for information technology (IT) applications such as computer rooms, and network closets, as well as broadcast studios, assembly/manufacturing lines, medical facilities, and other applications where a high level of available power and backup power are essential.

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