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New Sorensen SG 500V DC Power Supply Fills Out Programmable DC Power Line

AMETEK Programmable Power has added to its Sorensen SG Series high-power DC power supply line with the introduction of the new Sorensen SG 500V, which can supply up to 500V DC for such applications as driving amplifiers, and testing inverters, batteries and power steering pumps used in electric vehicle/hybrid electric vehicles (EV/HEV). 

The Sorensen SG Series leads the industry in power density and is one of the industry’s most widely used DC power supplies in its class with more than 20,000 units in the field.  The quality of power supplied by the Sorensen SG Series makes it well suited for a broad range of applications. Along with the testing of EV/HEV components, applications include the driving of amplifiers used in airport and medical MRI/CT scanners; magnet drivers for particle accelerators used at National Laboratories and medical proton treatment systems; and drivers for laser diodes for cutting and etching tools. 

 The new 500V DC model of SG Series power supplies can provide up to 15kW in a 3U package and 30 kW in a 6U package. Users also can select from 5 kW, 10 kW, 20 kW, 25 kW and 30 kW models. The Sorensen SG Series also offers fast voltage and current slew rates, exceptional load transient response, and low RMS ripple and noise.

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The complete SG Series includes a 3U and 6U package configuration with a variety of output and power configurations that allow the user to purchase just the right performance needed for the job. Combinations of these chassis can then be easily paralleled to achieve power levels up to 150 kW.

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