New Series of Insulation Testers from Megger Safety Rated to CAT IV 600 V

Megger announced a new series of insulation and continuity testers that conform to IEC1010-1 standards.  Rated to CAT IV 600 V, the MIT400 series provides greater user safety when testing in higher voltage environments.

The MIT400 series, which includes the MIT400, MIT410, MIT415, MIT420, MIT430 and MIT40X, offers an exceptional measurement range from 20 GΩ to 200 GΩ and features adjustable insulation test voltages from 250 V to 1000 V and 50 V to 1000 V.

The MIT400 series combines both an analog arc and dual digital display readout. The dual digital display features a large main digital readout for good visibility of all main measurement results.  Megger’s patented analog arc display is incorporated in the unit to replicate the response of a moving coil analog pointer. The testers are suitable for use in high energy systems throughout the electrical, power and telecommunications industries.

For more information, contact Peg Houck at or 610-676-8536.