New SATCOM High-Power Amplifier from EM Power RF

EM Power RF has released an new and unique SATCOM solution that delivers 2 kW P1dB (CW, digital modulated signal) in L-Band and a companion product delivers 800W P1dB (CW, digital modulated signal) in S-Band.The 2 kW L-Band HPA is a GaN based design and housed in an amazingly small 5U chassis. The Amplifier Control and Power Supply unit is based separately in a 3U chassis.  The 800W S-Band unit is also a GaN based design and self-contained (with power supply) in a 5U chassis.

When tactically deployed, these units are protected from the elements by outdoor enclosures that include environment sensing and control.  The modular design and self-contained, transportable enclosures are integral to both the amplifier and end user’s systems design.

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