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New RF Signal Generator Extends the RIGOL RF Test Portfolio

RigolRIGOL Technologies, Inc., a market leader and a technology innovator in Electronic Measurement worldwide, is expanding its portfolio of RF Test solutions with the introduction of the DSG800 Series RF Signal Generator. Delivering unprecedented value to engineers integrating RF technology into their Internet of Things designs, the DSG800 delivers an uncompromised Signal Generator at very attractive entry level price point.

RF Performance
The DSG800 series covers output frequencies from 9 kHz to 3.0GHz. The instruments provide maximum output power up to +20 dBm and low SSB phase noise of -105 dBc/Hz, amplitude accuracy of +/- 0.5 dB, and frequency resolution 0.01 Hz at any frequency. An oven-controlled crystal oscillator time-base provides < 5 ppb temperature stability and < 30 ppb/year aging stability, the most accurate and stable available in this class.

“Engineers implementing WiFi, Bluetooth, and other RF interfaces into their embedded systems are always looking for more powerful and more affordable test solutions” said Michael Rizzo, General Manager of RIGOL Technologies, USA. “The DSG800 delivers a highly capable RF Generator with a bench saving compact form factor. With prices starting at just $1,999 the DSG redefines customer value in this product category”

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Shielding Effectiveness Test Guide

Just as interference testing requires RF enclosures, isolation systems in turn need their own testing. This document reviews some of the issues and considerations in testing RF enclosures.

RF Modulation
The DSG800 RF signal generators provide conventional sweep functions (step, list, logarithmic, and linear) as well as analog modulation functions including amplitude modulation (AM), frequency modulation (FM), phase modulation (ΦM), and pulse modulation. In addition the DSG800 offers an optional pulse train generation capability for those customers needing to translate serial data onto an RF Link.

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