New Released Patents – A Car that Listens to its Surroundings and Turning your Body into an Antenna

Two technology giants have been issued patents that could change your everyday life. Google received a patent for a car that listens to its surroundings and takes control of the car. Microsoft is working to make a few waves of your arm into a way to control everything in your home.

The concept of Google’s car is that when it approaches a pedestrian crossing, it will detect a beeping that is accompanied by a flashing light and will stop the car. This technology will accompany the technology that Google has been developing to help control automated cars.

Microsoft received a patent application that utilizes the human body as a way of transmitting and receiving information – turning it into a giant antenna. The device measures the amount of ambient electromagnetic radiation being absorbed by the human body at any time and if there are changes, the proposed device can decipher where in the home someone might be and what gestures they make.

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