New Name for IEEE EMC Society Symposium

The IEEE Electromagnetic Compatibility Society (EMCS) has officially changed the name of its annual symposium to the “IEEE International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility, Signal and Power Integrity.” This change reflects the natural inclusion of the community of signal and power integrity professionals into the EMC Society. The name will be used for future symposia beginning in 2017 (to be held in Washington DC).

As our global society evolves, with increasingly sophisticated devices and systems, it is important that our Society evolves too. The practice of EMC is, at its foundation, all about understanding the behavior of all manner of electromagnetic energy—both natural and man-made. Managing multi-gigahertz signals, which are the heartbeat of modern electronics devices, requires a keen understanding of the behavior of electromagnetics. The discipline of signal and power integrity is a natural extension of our core EMC practice and a successful component of two previous and one future Symposia as embedded conferences focusing on “SI/PI.”

“This change reflects the expansion of our vision and is fertile ground for engaging and integrating the design community within our Society,” says Dr. Bruce Archambeault, Vice President of Conferences for the EMC Society.

The EMC Society was founded in 1957 as the realization that the control of radio frequency interference stands as a separate discipline. As technology evolves, the Society actively engages in developing practices, standards, measurements and control methods to protect the integrity of the electromagnetic spectrum. The practice of EMC embraces every modern technological discipline: communications, control, aerospace, energy and transportation—even to discoveries about the fundamental makeup of our known universe.

The 2016 EMC Symposium will be held in Ottawa, Canada July 25-29, 2016 and will feature an embedded Signal and Power Integrity Conference.

Visit the IEEE EMC Society’s website to find out more:

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