New Literature Details Passive Harmonic Filters

passive harmonic filters

Schaffner EMC introduces new literature detailing the company’s passive harmonic filters for use within a wide variety of industries and settings.   High power AC and DC drives for automation tasks, variable frequency drives, and other non-linear loads draw non-sinusoidal current from the grid, creating harmful harmonics. These ever-present harmonics can manifest themselves in a host of ways – from nuisance issues to catastrophic problems. This 28-page, full-color brochure details ECOsine® Passive Harmonic Filters which mitigate the harmful effects of harmonics. Copies of the brochure are available by request or they can be downloaded at

Schaffner EMC, with US operations headquartered in Edison, NJ, is part of The Schaffner Group – a worldwide leader in the fields of electro-magnetic compatibility (EMC), power quality (PQ) and engineered transformers. From a global innovation and development center in Luterbach, Switzerland, the company develops leading edge products which are manufactured in facilities worldwide. Their PQ product line includes active and passive harmonic filters, along with sine wave filters, which allow the efficient and reliable operation of electrical and electronic equipment and systems. For additional information visit, write to them at Schaffner EMC Inc., 52 Mayfield Avenue, Edison, NJ, 08837, or call (800) 367-5566 ext 276.

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