New Initiative Formed to Open More Unlicensed Spectrum for Wi-Fi Use

Several tech-oriented companies and organizations have formed a coalition, WifiForward, to apply pressure to the government to make more of the unlicensed spectrum open and available for the use of Wi-Fi. The formation of the coalition is timely as the government is currently reevaluating its spectrum policies.

The mission statement for the WifiForward coalition is “an ad hoc, broad-based group of companies, organizations and public sector institutions working to alleviate the Wi-Fi spectrum crunch and to support making Wi-Fi even better by finding more unlicensed spectrum.”

As more and more electronics are relying on Wi-Fi, the firms behind WifiFoward believe that Wi-Fi networks will be hurt if more of the spectrum is not allocated for use. The coalition claims that Wi-Fi devices are expected to account for majority of total internet traffic by 2017.

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