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New IEE President Further Integrates HSI Technology into Product Development

IEE, specializing in the design, test support and fielding of human system interface (HSI) display technologies in a wide range of military/aerospace, industrial and retail applications, has appointed Thomas Whinfrey as president and CEO.

Whinfrey brings more than 25 years of experience in managing operations and strategies for a number of large companies throughout the military and aerospace industries. This experience, coupled with his track record of visionary leadership, lays the foundation for successful partnerships with IEE’s growing customer base.

With a specialty in analyzing operations and implementing organizational strategies, Whinfrey is uniquely qualified to drive IEE’s current corporate vision to incorporate the most advanced HSI technologies and rugged packaging solutions into its existing display products.   As CEO, he will oversee IEE’s strategic direction for future development of the company’s high quality product lines.

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IEE’s products include flat panel displays, keypads and switch bezels as well as lightweight enclosures for rugged, industrial and retail environments with customizable integrated control functions such as video processing, high-speed communications and power conversion.

IEE’s enhanced display product family currently ranges from 3.5” handheld devices to ‘smart’ vehicle display systems larger than 24”.  The company’s extensive HSI expertise in rugged, integrated display design includes features such as multi-mode backlighting, variable luminance levels from NVIS to high bright, optically bonded touch screens and EMI filters, custom anti-reflective/anti-glare (AR/AG) coatings/films and lightweight rugged packaging.

IEE effectively integrates low and medium power, high performance processing elements into its system designs. Recent products include low power integrated ARM processors that support embedded Linux and Android operating systems with a wide range of communication peripheral interfaces.

Prior to joining IEE, Whinfrey served as president and CEO of Orion Defense Systems as well as general manager of Aitech Space Systems.  He was also president of Orion Aviation and director of advanced research for Northrop Aircraft.

For more information call 818-787-0311,visit, or e-mail:

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