New GORE® Portable Electronic Vent Combines Highest Airflow With Waterproof Protection

In response to the growing demand for waterproof smart phones and portable electronic devices, W. L. Gore & Associates has expanded the waterproofing solutions in its line of GORE® Portable Electronic Vents. The new PE3 Series delivers the highest airflow of black venting solutions for OEMs in this rapidly changing market. This level of airflow allows for a smaller vent to improve the integrity and reliability of portable electronics by equalizing pressure while providing immersion protection. In addition, the PE3 Series is engineered with a black oleophobic membrane and gray PET nonwoven backing to minimize contrast when mounted on the exterior of dark electronic devices.

With a typical airflow of 3,300 ml/min/cm3, the PE3 Series of GORE® Portable Electronic Vents allows air to flow freely through the device — equalizing internal pressure, reducing stress on the seals and eliminating transducer bias. At the same time, these vents protect internal electronics by serving as a barrier against liquid, dust and dirt, enabling the device to meet Level 7 of the IEC’s liquid ingress protection standard (IPx7) — immersion protection at one meter for 30 minutes.

The PE3 Series is the latest addition to the full line of GORE® Portable Electronic Vents, which are engineered specifically to deliver the best combination of ingress protection and high sound quality for small electronic devices. Leading device OEMs collaborate with Gore’s global application teams to deliver improved acoustic quality and more reliable environmental protection from liquids, dust, and pressure changes. For more information about Gore’s portable electronic venting products, visit