New Gore Acoustic Vent Enhances Protection of Portable Electronic Devices

W.L. Gore & Associates’ Portable Electronic Vents group have announced the introduction of the GAW113 acoustic vent designed to provide dust and splash protection for acoustic openings in portable electronic devices such as scanners, two-way radios, tablet and laptop PCs, and other devices where reliable performance is essential.

The new GAW113 vents are a proprietary non-woven composite material that adheres to the acoustic openings, providing a water spray efficiency of 90% with the ability to capture particulates as small as 5 microns (µm). It is a dark gray in color to provide a neutral complement to device designs and has a thickness of only 0.47 mm. With an improved spray resistance to IP54 testing, a thinner profile and < 2dB of acoustic transmission loss, GAW113 provides an excellent replacement and upgrade to Gore’s GAW104 Portable Electronic Vents.

The GAW113 vent provides superior performance to vents comprised of woven material. Woven material captures only particles equal to or greater than its specified pore size. Particles such as human hair or metal fibers that have a surface area equal to or larger than the specified pore size can still pass through woven material because of their shape. The non-woven material used in the GAW113 is able to capture particles of various shapes and sizes because of its three-dimensional structure. It is also more likely to maintain consistent airflow because it captures particles in a torturous path not limited by a specific pore size.

For additional information on the GAW113 vent, visit or call 800-523-4673.