New EPCOS snubber capacitors from TDK

TDK EPCOSTDK Corporation has significantly extended its range of EPCOS snubber film capacitors. A total of 17 different terminal configurations are now available, enabling them to protect an even broader spectrum of IGBT modules against voltage peaks.

The snubber capacitors of the MKP B32656 to B32658S series are distinguished by their high pulse strength and the reliability of their contacts. In addition, these components offer extremely low ESL values. The series comprises 17 terminal configurations of tin-plated copper straps with a hole spacing of 19.5 mm to 63 mm. These snubber capacitors now cover a voltage range from 850 V DC to 2000 V DC and a capacitance range from 68 nF to 5.6 µF. All types are designed for temperatures up to +110 oC. Visit the company’s website for more details.

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