New EMC Measurement Application Offers Accurate Pre-Compliance Emissions Testing

Agilent Technologies Inc. has introduced the N/W6141A Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) measurement application for its X-Series signal analyzers.  The new measurement application allows R&D engineers to evaluate the electromagnetic interference (EMI) performance of their designs.

Ideal for R&D engineers in the aerospace/defense, automotive and communications industries, the EMC measurement application enables easier, more accurate pre-compliance emissions test of prototype electronic components, sub-assemblies and systems.

Key features include:  signal lists that can be used to mark, sort or delete signals to quickly reduce the measured signal list to only those signals that are out of specification; real-time detectors for measuring peak, quasi-peak and the EMI/RMA average amplitude of selected signals to maximize emissions using real-time measurements; and the ability to re-measure signals in the signal list for easy verification of failed signal emissions repairs.

More information about the X-Series’ EMC measurement application is available at