New Edition of IEC 62153-4-10:2015, EMC Standard for Metallic Communication Cable Test Methods


coaxialThe International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) has released the second edition of IEC 62153-4-10:2015. This standard applies to “Metallic communication cable test methods – Part 4-10: Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) – Transfer impedance and screening attenuation of feed-throughs and electromagnetic gaskets – Double coaxial test method.” The new edition can be purchased on the IEC webstore.


“This part of IEC 62153 details a coaxial method suitable for determining the transfer impedance and/or screening attenuation of feed-throughs and electromagnetic gaskets. The shielded screening attenuation test set-up according to IEC 62153-4-4 (triaxial method) has been modified to take into account the particularities of feed-throughs and gaskets. A wide dynamic and frequency range can be applied to test even super screened feed-throughs and gaskets with normal instrumentation from low frequencies up to the limit of defined transversal waves in the coaxial circuits at approximately 4 GHz.”

*Description from the IEC.

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