New Edition of IEC 61340-4-9:2016, Standard for Electrostatics

cloth-1088911_640The International Electrotechnical Commission has released a new edition of  IEC 61340-4-9:2016. The second edition of “Electrostatics – Part 4-9: Standard test methods for specific applications – Garments” is now available for purchase at the IEC webstore.


IEC 61340-4-9:2016 provides test methods for evaluating the electrical resistance of garments that contain surface conductive or dissipative components or materials used in the electronics industry for the control of electrostatic discharge. This standard defines procedures for measuring electrical resistance, including a system resistance test for garments that provide a ground path for personnel. This edition includes the following significant technical changes with respect to the previous edition:

a) classification of three types of garments
– static control garments,
– groundable static control garments, and
– groundable static control garment system;
b) additional measurements according to the the garment type including cuff measurements, panel to groundable point, testing with a person in the garment system;
c) sleeve to sleeve measurements allowed with probes or by hanging;
d) additional recommended values for new garment types as set out in Annex A.

*Description from the IEC website.

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