New Edition of CISPR 13 for Sound & Television Receivers and Equipment Released

The International Electrotechnical Commission has released a new edition of CISPR 13 ed5.1 Consol. with am1.

CISPR 13:2009+A1:2015 applies to “Sound and television broadcast receivers and associated equipment – Radio disturbance characteristics – Limits and methods of measurement”. The new edition is available for purchase on the IEC’s website.


“CISPR 13:2009+A1:2015 applies to the generation of electromagnetic energy from sound and television receivers for the reception of broadcast and similar transmissions and from associated equipment. CISPR 13:2009 describes the methods of measurement applicable to sound and television receivers or associated equipment and specifies limits for the control of disturbance from such equipment. The frequency range covered extends from 9 kHz to 400 GHz. This edition constitutes the introduction of the RMS-average detector as an alternative to quasi-peak and average detector for conducted and radiated emission measurements. This consolidated version consists of the fifth edition (2009) and its amendment 1 (2015). Therefore, no need to order amendment in addition to this publication.”

*Description from IEC website

Photo by Jorbasa