New DP8000 Series DC Power Supplies From Rigol Offers Superior System Monitoring and Analysis Capabilities

Rigol Technologies, Inc., introduced the latest in their line of DC power supplies, the DP800 series.  Featuring advanced monitor, analysis and control capabilities, the DP800 series delivers a combination of high performance and low cost. The DP800 series are 3-channel power supplies capable of delivering up to 195 Watts and can float up to 240 V from ground, making it possible to configure a wide variety of high voltage signals with only a few instruments.

Rigol’s DP800 series DC power supplies combine accurate control, monitoring, and analysis of voltage, current, and power with multi-instrument triggering capability. The result is true system level power delivery and analysis at the cost of many traditional basic power supplies.

The DP800 series also offers several advanced features such as timer control that allows the engineer to set burn-in or other test voltage or current profiles to run automatically for hours and is repeatable with groups, cycle counts, and specified end states. Additionally, there are several features for circuit protection including OVP, OCP and OTC (over voltage, over current and over temperature protection).

Other features include a monitor function for tests that require real-time alarms, warnings, or shut off capabilities. Engineers can use the on screen waveform display for real-time feedback to graphically depict critical changes in voltage, current, or power. Additionally, a new trigger I/O bus offers the ability to synchronize features across multiple instruments for testing of complex systems with multiple power requirements.

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