New Cost-Effective IOB 4000 Monitors EUT during EMC Immunity Testing with 12 Digital Inputs

Teseq Inc. has introduced the new IOB 4000 (Input / Output Box) for EUT (equipment under test) monitoring during EMC immunity testing. The EUT monitoring capabilities of the IOB 4000 are based on those of Teseq’s NSG 4070 RF conducted immunity system.

Digital inputs and outputs are combined with analog and optical inputs for increased versatility and functionality. Teseq’s new IOB 4000 features 4 digital inputs with a voltage range of 0 V to 24 V, 8 low-level TTL outputs, 8 TTL inputs, 4 analog inputs with a voltage range of 0 V to 24 V and 1 optical input.

As many as 12 signals can be monitored with the IOB 4000’s 12 digital inputs. Light sources, such as operating indicator lamps, can be monitored by the optical input. The IOB 4000 is a cost-effective solution for monitoring EUT in EMC immunity testing by providing a high number of varied inputs in one box.

“IO-Test” software included with the IOB 4000 allows for all the functions of the box to be tested. The test software has the ability to test the communications port; the number of measurements per second can be set; the box can be woken up; the serial number can be read and the battery status can be seen. All inputs and outputs can be observed on the test screen.

When the IOB 4000 is integrated with test house software, data is transferred via the USO 4013 optical interface which has both RS-232 and USB interface ports.  A 10m fiber optic cable is included for connecting the IOB 4000 inside a chamber.

Fiber optically-isolated monitoring connections on the input / output box ensure there is no influence of the EUT test on the monitoring computer. Similarly, the isolated connections also guarantee no influence from outside the test chamber to the EUT.

The robust metal case of the box is optimized for monitoring signals during EMC testing. Battery power from 4 x 1, 2 V NiMh rechargeable batteries maintains operation independent of mains power. On fully charged batteries, the IOB 4000 can operate for approximately 1 week with 8 active hours per day. In sleep mode, current consumption of the IOB 4000 is approximately 6 mA and 26 mA during operation.

Weighing only 1.8 lbs and only 6.6 lbs with the storage case, the IOB 4000 is lightweight and compact. Easily portable, the IOB 4000 measures 6.30 inches long, 4.45 inches wide and 2.36 inches high. The storage case measures 17.72 inches long, 14.17 inches wide and 5.32 inches high.   Pricing starts at $2,990 for the complete system.


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