New CCC EMC Standard Takes Effect in China

A new EMC standard is now in effect in China.

Effective July 1, the new standard, GB/T 9254.1-2021, “Information technology equipment, multimedia equipment and receivers—Electromagnetic compatibility—Part 1: Emission requirements,” is the equivalent of CISPR 32:2015, the internationally-accepted standard for EMC. The new standard replaces the former version of the standard (GB/T 9254-2008) as well as GB/T 13837-2012.

The new standard includes more supplementary tests for certain AV products, including power supplies. As such, the standard’s release is expected to impact manufacturers of devices that have previously received China Compulsory Certification (CCC)

Read more information about the new EMC standard. (Note that this page is part of the website of China-based company Guangzhou Star River Quality and is not an official communication.)

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