New California Instruments BPS Series of High-Power AC Sources/Frequency Converters

AMETEK Programmable Power has introduced the California Instruments BPS Series of high-power AC sources/frequency converters.  Available with outputs ranging from 30 kVA to 180 kVA, the BPS is the latest series of products to use AMETEK’s high-performance, pulse-width modulation (PWM) switching technology to provide cost-effective solutions for AC power test applications.

The BPS Series supports four different communications busses and has a powerful AC transient generation capability, making it ideal for commercial instrumentation manufacturing, automatic test stations, AC motor test, and avionic frequency conversion.

Modular architecture allows chassis to be paralleled for high power. The BPS Series offers a wide output frequency range of 16 to 819 Hz, making it well-suited for aerospace applications. For higher power requirements, users can simply parallel the BPS Series in a multi-cabinet configuration.

To meet the needs of manufacturers of high-power equipment and appliances that must test their products over a wide range of input line conditions, the BPS Series offers built-in output transient generation. This feature allows users to simulate a wide variety of AC line conditions. Transient generation is independent, yet time synchronized, on all three phases. Accurate phase angle control and synchronized transient list execution provides accurate positioning of AC output events.

The BPS Series combines compactness, robustness and functionality in a compact floor-standing chassis. This higher power density has been accomplished without the need to resort to elaborate cooling schemes or additional installation wiring. Users simply roll the unit to where they want it, plug it in, and the BPS Series is ready to operate.

The BPS Series can be programmed manually via the front panel or remotely with USB, RS-232, IEEE-488 (GPIB) or optional Ethernet interfaces. A Graphical Users Interface Software is included with all BPS Series allowing easy programming of all functions. 

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