New Bi-National Standard for Battery Management

The Standards Council of Canada (CSA) has published a new National Standard applicable to the safety of battery management systems (BMSs).

The new standard, CSA/ANSI C22.2 No 340, “Battery Management Systems,” applies to BMSs consisting of hardware and software designed to monitor, control, and regulate electrical and thermal parameters of battery packs to prevent thermal runaway and other potentially hazardous conditions. Specific applications covered under the scope of the standard BMSs installed in stationary applications such as energy storage systems and uninterruptable power supplies, and in power mobility applications, such as those found in electric vehicles and light electric rail.

The standard does not apply to BMSs used in portable applications in which the end product is covered by a standard that already includes requirements for BMSs.

The specifications of CSA/ANSI C22.2 No 340 align with applicable requirements of the Canadian Electric Code, Part II, and NFPA 70 in the U.S. The standard has also been approved as an American National Standard by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

Additional details about CSA/ANSI C22.2 are available on the CSA website.

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