New ABB SNK Series PI-Spring Terminal Blocks Enable Faster and Easier Connections

PI-Spring Terminal Blocks Enable Faster and Easier Connections | In Compliance Magazine

The new screwless SNK Series PI-Spring Terminal Block from ABB Low Voltage Products division features patented spring design that enables the installer to lock a screwdriver onto a terminal connected to unprepared flexible conductors. This innovation frees the installer’s hands to manipulate wires and hold circuit drawings.

SNK Series PI-Spring Terminal Blocks combine push-in and spring technologies for efficient connections to solid and stranded wires, either with or without ferrules.

The SNK Series PI-Spring Terminal Blocks feature self-guiding wire entries that enable direct, one-step, push-in insertions with solid wires and stranded wires with ferrules that are 50 percent faster than terminal blocks with screw clamps. PI-Spring Terminal Blocks also enable stranded wire to be inserted with a screwdriver to open the spring clamp. Reducing connection time for push-in mode and eliminating the need to prepare stranded wires for spring mode make installation quick and easy for both methods.

Another advantage of the SNK Series PI-Spring Terminal Blocks’ combined push-in and spring technology is the reduction of inventory by up to 50 percent, as they eliminate the need to stock a separate line for solid and ferruled stranded wires, and another separate line for unprepared stranded wires. Additionally, SNK Series PI-Spring and Screw terminal blocks share the same jumpers, markers and accessories, while all end section and circuit separators fit multiple types and sizes of blocks.

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