New 4.3/10 DIN Connectors for Low PIM Jumpers for DAS Applications

4-3-10 DIN ConnectorsTimes Microwave Systems has introduced nine new factory installable connectors for its TFT™ and SPP250™ jumpers.   These high quality connectors attach via soldering of the center pin and induction soldering to the cable outer conductor and provide excellent VSWR performance and reliable PIM performance better than minus 155 dBc.

TFT-402™ and TFT-401™ ultra-flexible jumpers and SPP250™ flexible low loss jumpers meet the requirements of UL 910 for plenum applications.   They are suitable for in-building jumpers and interconnects up to 6.0 GHz and are UL listed and printed as well as 100% tested for static and dynamic PIM.

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