New 30AC Power Supplies from Associated Power Technologies

Associated Power Technologies, Inc. (APT) has announced the release of their 400XAC Series of three phase AC power sources.  The 400XAC product family was designed as a versatile, three phase power source with two standard models: the 430XAC (3kVA source) and the 460XAC (6kVA source). Their standard configuration is a three phase four wire output; however, these sources can also be configured for single phase (1Ø2 wire), split phase (1Ø3 wire) and DC output.

One of the biggest benefits of these sources is that switching between output modes is made simple. This is accomplished with APT’s exclusive smartCONFIG® technology.   This exclusive feature allows the 400XAC series to switch from 1Ø to 3Ø with the push of a button.   This all new AC power source is simplifying testing applications worldwide by providing flexible output modes with the ability to remotely program the instrument from a PC bus.  The 400XAC series is ideal for both production and laboratory use because it provides a unique feature set at a competitive price point.

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