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Nemko to offer new safety certification option in the US

Nemko AS, headquartered in Oslo, Norway, is expanding its market access service to North America by acquiring a US approval body (NRTL).

Nemko is a global, independent organization offering testing, certification and market access services worldwide, primarily for IT, telecom, audio/video, medical and household products.  

On December 17th Nemko acquired Salt Lake City based Communication Certification Laboratory (CCL). CCL is a well established Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) accredited by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, US (OSHA).

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One  of the most respected agencies in the regulatory industry, Nemko now brings their unparalleled level of customer service to the US safety approval market and manufacturers are already embracing the opportunity.

President and CEO of Nemko, Dag Torvold comments on the acquisition:  “Welcoming CCL as a member of the Nemko Group is a very important milestone for us. Coupled with our existing certification service for Canada, we are now well positioned to offer North American market access for electrical product manufacturers worldwide. Our main goal is to create value for our customers by being a fast and reliable service provider”.

President of CCL, Thomas Jackson comments to the acquisition: “We are excited to have the opportunity to expand our certification and testing services by being part of an international organization like Nemko. This will enhance our ability to provide a quality service and have a larger scope to meet our customers’ needs”.

Nemko helps to shorten the product development cycle through firsthand knowledge of testing, certification and import requirements in each country. This enables customers to develop their product on time and in compliance with the requirements, thus saving time to market and reducing costs.

Nemko provides market access services for electrical and telecom products to more than 150 countries worldwide. Nemko offers a single point of contact which undertakes the burden of application, documentation, follow-up and communication that is needed to gain market access to different countries that have complex approval procedures.

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Facts about Nemko

Customer oriented, loyal and experienced staff with a global focus and local  knowledge:

  • 24 locations on 4 continents
  • Offering market access services to more than 150 countries worldwide
  • 5 300 customers located in 61 countries worldwide
  • Continuous focus on expanding Nemko facilities and updating with state of the art laboratory equipment
  • Rapid expansion of the number of authorized partner labs worldwide


For more information:

▪ Andrew Robbins, East Coast Sales Manager,, 813-528-1261

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