Moxa’s Latest Unmanaged Switches Provide Maximum Flexibility in Network Connectivity

Moxa unveiled its new EDS-210A series 10-port industrial unmanaged switches capable of delivering Gigabit speed and multiple fiber connections. The switches are designed to meet growing demands of high-bandwidth data convergence and long-haul data transport for small-scale and widely-distributed edge applications, such as those that can be found in factory floor automation.

The EDS-210A comes in two configurations that support a wide range of Gigabit and fiber connectivity requirements for maximum versatility. For installations requiring a single Gigabit fiber uplink, the EDS-210A-1GSFP-1SFP is equipped with 1 Gigabit SFP port, 8 Copper 10/100Mb ports, and 1 100Mb SFP port. For installations requiring two Gigabit ports and up to 5 fiber ports, the EDS-210A-1GTX-1GSFP-4SFP is equipped with 5 copper ports and 5 SFP ports, with 1 copper and 1 SFP port supporting Gigabit operation.

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