Minerals Technologies Launches New Product for Polymer Reinforcement Applications

Minerals Technologies Inc. announced that it has launched a new calcium carbonate product for reinforcement of plastic, called VICRON® FRP, in such applications as Sheet Molding Compound (SMC), Bulk Molding Compound (BMC) and thermoset polyesters. The product was developed by Specialty Minerals Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Minerals Technologies that is a leader in mineral additives.

VICRON® FRP has been specifically designed with controlled particle size and surface treatment to reduce resin demand and improve flow of plastic compounds. VICRON® FRP reduces the viscosity of thermoset compounds to improve the productivity and quality by providing a better mold-cavity fill at a faster rate.

Reinforcement with VICRON® FRP provides excellent mechanical properties of the finished thermoset part. Incorporating VICRON® FRP is a cost-effective solution for reinforced plastic applications without sacrificing performance properties.

For specifications, visit http://www.mineralstech.com.