Micro Photonics, Inc. Announces the Release of SkyScan 2211 Multi-Scale Nano-CT

Micro Photonics, Inc. announced the release of the SkyScan-2211 Multi-Scale Nano-CT. The SkyScan 2211 represents a new generation of Nano-CT from Bruker MicroCT N.V., with nondestructive 3D imaging capabilities of internal structures from the submicron range to the very large.

This advanced system allows you to get results from an unprecedented range of samples, opening up unique possibilities for 3D imaging and data analysis of: geological materials in oil and gas exploration, composite materials, fuel cells, electronic assemblies, bone, metal implants, low dense scaffolds, and much more.  The SkyScan 2211 is a truly universal computed tomography system for your entire organization.

The SkyScan 2211 is designed with two distinctly different X-ray detectors. The unique energy response of the CCD detector allows for scan optimization of low density and/ or small samples for high resolution, while the system can rotate in a flat-panel detector for use on larger, denser sample requiring high X-ray energy – up to 190kV. The precision rotation stage is engineered for multi-scale work with 50nm positional accuracy and can still maintain rotation for samples weighing up to 25kg.

For additional information, visit www.microphotonics.com.

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