New Micro-Grid Test Environment for Testing and Developing Battery Storage Systems


The Battery Innovation Center (BIC) facility located near Crane, Indiana

Chroma Systems Solutions, Inc. and the Battery Innovation Center (BIC) in Indiana are partnering to create a micro-grid test environment for testing and development of battery storage systems. The new test environment will encourage the adoption of the plug and play MESA standard for Energy Storage System.

As part of the MESA standard, MESA-ESS specifications handle the way that energy storage systems communicate with the utility grid control (SCADA/DMS), while potentially extending these communication specifications to aggregators and facility energy management systems (FDEMS) that monitor and control storage assets.

Chroma supplied three 61800 Regenerative Grid Simulators to supply power to simulate worldwide power line conditions and disturbances at the test center.

The 61800 series provides the lab’s 480V three phase supply including power monitoring on each phase. Independent phase operation allows charging of one of the lab’s energy storage systems on one leg while discharging on another.

Matt Mills, Sr. Engineer, Battery Innovation Center

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