Mexico Establishes New LED Energy Efficiency Standard

Mexico has published a new standard establishing updated energy efficiency requirements for certain lighting products. Published in January, the new standard, NOM-030-ENER-2016, specifies test methods for light emitting diode (LED) general lighting, and replaces the current standard on efficiency requirements for LED lights.

The new standard applies to all LED lights that rely on power supply voltages of 100 V to 277 V AC, as well as those with a 50Hz to 60Hz frequency. The standard includes specifications for color temperature, minimal light efficiency, nominal luminous flux, and resistance testing for thermal shock, among others. Additionally, the standard details approved test methods, sampling, and new acceptance criteria. Updated packaging marking requirements are also included.

Some LED lights are excluded from the new standard, including those used in motion detectors, radio controls, and light attenuators.

The new Mexican LED energy efficiency standard takes effect as of April 17, 2017. However, manufacturers, distributors and retailer can continue to sell any LED lamps that have been certified prior to the effective date of the new standard until their inventories have been depleted.

Read the original text of the new LED energy efficiency standard in Mexico.

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