MET Laboratories Offers ISO Certification of RFID Devices

MET Laboratories is now offering ISO Certification of RFID devices based on several ISO-developed RFID-based standards and corresponding test methods including conformance, and interoperability where applicable. RFID products such as proximity and vicinity cards, and passive and active RFID will benefit from this testing. Many vendors pursue this recognition to gain a competitive advantage.

As a recognized leader in RFID testing, MET Laboratories is in a unique position to offer this certification service. MET Labs has developed and managed certification programs for EPCglobal and DASH7, and manages an international network of independent Approved RFID Test Centers (ARTCs) that offer RFID testing and certification services. An ISO 17025 test lab, MET has tested more RFID devices than any other independent lab.

MET can also provide additional interoperability testing, upon request, as well as other relevant testing to meet US, Canadian and European regulatory requirements.

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